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    Manufacturer and Exporter of industrial automation control systems,

    with more than 15000 controllers working across industrial domain in INDIA & ABROAD. We have been providing specific solution involving PLC, Motion controllers , AC/DC drives , servo drive , VFD, Software based solution on VB, VC++, SCADA, LABVIEW & Industrial networking .
  • WhatsNew

    1. Plant View:
      Online shop floor performance and visibility management.
    2. Battery health Monitoring system (BHM-21)
      BHM-21 helps in predicting battery health in advance & to take preventive action for ensuring uninterrupted power.
    3. Injection Monitoring System:
      Useful in Aluminium Die Casting industry for Injection Monitoring parameters like First Phase, Second Phase Velocity & pressure Monitoring.
  • OurProducts

    PLCs, Motion controllers, Data Loggers, Die casting Injection monitoring system, Press Automation, Injection Moulding.

    For process Automation We are expertise in Textile, Aluminium Foundry, Sheet Metal, Construction, M2M Solution, Embedded System Design.
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    22, Pragati Complex, Kothrud Industrial Area, Pune 411 029 (India)
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